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Your Super Powers Revealed and How to use them in Your Business!
Let 2019 Be a Year of Deep Insights, Discoveries and Actions Perfect for YOU!

Professional development is not strictly learning more about your role, your market, your sales style but rather should include lots of personal development. The more you learn WHO you are, the better you will be at WHAT you do - hands down! You can have all the knowledge and skills in the world about your position in a business, but until you know how you deliver these things in the context of your role, it could fall flat or leave you not achieving your goals or always striving and yet never arriving.

I’m offering a chance to explore one of my newer services at a significant discount that will help you learn more about YOU: 

A Personalized, 90-Minute Super Power Reading for Deep Self-Discovery, but only for the next few days.

I wanted to give you a chance to get ahead of the stampede because my calendar will book up quick.

Keep in mind this is specifically for those who love learning more about themselves and who want to go deep with intuitive insights and unique perspectives.

In this Private, Powerful, 90-Minute Reading:

  • Identify your predominant Super Powers
  • Learn how to use your Super Powers to leap towards your goals
  • Discover your best strategy for handling any situation: relationships, career, health
  • Make better decisions with the most reliable decision-making process for you
  • Illuminate the path to your purpose by using insight into your top life lessons
  • Discover where you are personally influencing others
  • Find out how to best leverage that influence
  • Understand the surprising areas where others are influencing you
  • See what you can do about that influence
  • Use your Super Powers to tackle your life’s biggest challenge

You also get:

  • 30-60 minutes of behind-the-scenes prep-work by me to create your custom Super Power Guide and Super Power Chart before our session
  • Your unique Super Power Chart
  • Your personalized 5+ page Super Power Report including affirmations tailored to your specific Super Power chart
  • The session recording to download to your device so you can relax during the session, take it all in and listen again later, anytime

Regular Price: $297.00

Special Price: $225* until end of January 2019


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Offer Valid: January 9, 2019January 31, 2019
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